2014 Hot Wheels #1-250

The 2014 mainline offerings consist of 100 HW City, 40 HW Off-Road, 50 HW Race and 60 HW Workshop, for a total of 250 cars. Segments are comprised of 10 cars. 

This list lists the models in our collection in numerical order.
For the listing ordered by series click here (coming soon)

Bump Around 166/250 Bump Around HW Race - Track Aces
Morris Mini 194/250 Morris Mini HW Workshop: HW All Stars
Aston Martin 1963 DB5 200/250 Aston Martin 1963 DB5 HW Workshop: HW All Stars
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 209/250 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy HW Workshop: HW Garage
'64 Corvette Sting Ray 223/250 '64 Corvette Sting Ray HW Workshop: Then and Now
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