2017 Hot Wheels #1-365

For 2017, Hot Wheels cars are numbered 1 through 365 with color variations receiving a new number. Treasure Hunts and special chase cars will be unnumbered.

This list lists the models in our collection in numerical order.
For the listing ordered by series click here (coming soon)

1987 Toyota Pickup Truck DTX74 082/365 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck HW Hot Trucks
Time Attaxi DTY70 092/365 Time Attaxi HW City Works
Pedal Driver DVC28 301/365 Pedal Driver HW Ride-Ons
Time Shifter DTX27 312/365 Time Shifter HW City Works
'68 El Camino DVC40 333/365 '68 El Camino Muscle Mania
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