List of 1987 Super GT Matchbox

Super GT (or Super G.T.) is a range of miniature models, based on older 1970s castings in which interiors are no longer fitted, the windows are solid in color, opening features are cast shut and the bases are black plastic. Some models have white glow windows, these include the glowing race track “Streak Racing” models. The original name for the line was to be the “Budget Range” and models were designated with “BR”. Model names are taken from the original name, but do not appear on the castings. The models were sold single or with launcher, and in gift sets. The line was introduced 1985 and ran through 1988, between 1985 and 1987 the line was made in England, after in China. For 1988 all were recolored. In 1990 some models were reissued in neon colors and named “Neon Racers”. These are denoted with “NR”.

This list, lists the Super GT models in my collection.

Fire Chief BR17/18 Fire Chief Super GT
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